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Amphitheatrically built at the foot of Mounts Giona and Parnassos, nestles the picturesque and historic capital of the Perfecture of Fokida, Amfissa. As you approach, you notice the impressive silver green plains of the oldest olive trees in the world, dating back 3000 years, producing the famous Amfissa olives and oil. She is known that from the 7th century B.C., being a powerful city state. The city experienced her first disaster from the King Philip of Macedon, as its inhabitants had shown disrespect to the Delphic Oracle and had to be punished. Through the centuries, Romans Bulgarians, Franks, Catalans and finally Othomans passed through, either destroying or leading to wealth.
Around the city of Amfissa, beautiful neoclassical manors are scattered, adorned with inticate plaster establishments, stunning crest-tiles as well as noteworthy ceiling mural paintings. In addition to oil trade, Amfissa was known as the best leather and sheeps bell craftsmen.

Harmaina (Tampakika)

The traditional hamlet of Charmaina, the home of tanners. Situated approximately 500 meters south of the castle of Amfissa and 500 meters west of the Church of the Saviour ( 11th Century A.D. ). Visitors are still able to see tanners working the leather, the old fashioned way in their own old premises, from raw material till the final stage of sale, but only by appointment.

Archaeological Museum

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